Revolights FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Revolights Features

  • How long does the battery charge last?

    About 4 hours in the front; longer in back. Revolights are shipped with 1100mAh batteries. Eight LEDs sink about 250mA total during operation, making for about 4 hours of runtime.

  • How are Revolights theft resistant?

    Preventing thievery was an important consideration during the design phase. Because Revolights consist of a solid-ring body welded together during fabrication, the wheel must be removed from the bike in order to remove the Revolights. When you lock up your bike and wheels, you’re also locking up your Revolights!

  • What is the weight of Revolights?

    Weight per wheel is 12.3 oz with battery. The full set including the batteries and mounting hardware weights as much as a small bottle of water.

  • Have you considered wheel rotation as a power source?

    Absolutely. We are currently using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries because they are a particularly efficient way to power LEDs. We also designed our own battery pack in order to maximize efficiency. That said, we are firm believers that the energy created by wheel rotation is a sustainable, environmentally friendly power source. We have plans to incorporate dynamo power in the future.

  • How bright is the headlight (in lumens)?

    There are a total of 24 LEDs on each wheel, 8 of which of are lit up at any given moment. Each LED is rated at over 35 lumens, but since our LEDs are continually rotating and lumens are a unit of flux (light/area) the most accurate description would be: Revolights brightness = 8 LEDs x 35 lumens each.

  • Can Revolights handle wet and snow conditions?

    We went to great lengths to design Revolights to stand up to wet conditions. The electronics are fully sealed effectively isolating them from the environment. That said, exposure to salt or alkaline dust on the roads creates issues for most electronics, Revolights included. Lithium batteries can also slow their discharge rate during long-term exposure to extreme cold.

  • Troubleshooting

  • The lights are pointing the right direction when stopped but when I start riding they don't stay in an arc.

    This is almost always due to the magnet not being sensed by the sensor inside the ring. First steps are to double-check that the magnets are on the non-drive side of the bike and that they are within about ~6mm (1/4") of the Revolights ring. If you require magnet extensions or the issue remains please reach out to us,

  • The lights make a clicking sound when I brake.

    This is usually caused by larger than normal tire guides on the brake pads. The quick fix is to swap the bake pads Left to Right AND rotate them 180 degrees so the tire guide tabs point up, away from the Revolights rings. Swapping the pads Left to Right is necessary in combination with rotating them 180 degrees to make sure the braking force acts in the same direction.

  • The lights are pointing the wrong direction when stopped.

    If the bike is upside-down this is normal. If not, this is most often caused by the W-Wire ring not having been installed on the non-drive side of the bike (the rider's left side). If the issue is on the front wheel you can usually just remove the wheel and turn it around. If it is the rear wheel the rings need to be swapped left/right.

  • Do revolights fit bladed spokes?

    Most bladed spokes don't present a problem for install, but some can be so thin as to prevent the spoke adapters from clamping securely. If your wheel has trouble give out hotine a call and we can walk you through an easy work around.