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Meet Revolights Eclipse+

The best bike lighting system in the world. Now Bluetooth enabled.


    Traditional bike lights focus heavily on forward path illumination, use only a small blinking red light for rear visibility, and provide little to no side visibility. This leaves cyclists vulnerable and drivers straining to see them.

    Our approach to bicycle lighting is different. Revolights is the only 360º bicycle lighting solution that provides a legal headlight, a functional brake light, and unmatched side visibility.

  • Easy to install, easy to use

    Revolights Eclipse+ now comes with a new snap-in battery system. By eliminating cables and introducing a new rechargeable snap-in battery, the lights now have a streamlined, low-profile design.

    Eclipse+ integrates the rechargeable battery directly in the rings themselves, thereby making the on/off switch more accessible,removing any need for cables and parts on the spokes or in the hub and simplifying installation dramatically.

  • The Revolights App

    Eclipse+ will be able to connect to the new Revolights smartphone app (available for Android and iOS), which will enable an entirely new dimension of functionality.

    The features are aimed at enhancing the bike commuting experience and include turn signals, battery status, smart weather alerts, automatic on & off and ride & achievement tracking.

  • Turn Signals

    For the first time, Revolights will feature turn signal functionality. It will be possible to indicate which way you’re turning through an included handlebar mounted control pad, through the app, or through upcoming gesture recognition.

    On activation, the rear light will indicate the direction on the respective side through blinking full circle. Users can choose whether to have only the rear light serve as an indicator or both front and rear.

  • Intelligent Features

    The Revolights App now enables a whole new set of features that add even more functionality to the lights. With the Revolights App, you’ll be able to check your battery life and remotely turn on/off the lights.

    By sensing the time of day, your lights can also automatically turn on when you need light, like when you are about to ride at night or when the sun is setting.


Product information

The Eclipse+ packaging. The Eclipse+ rings now include a snap-in battery. The micro-USB snap-in battery charger and two batteries. Everything that is needed to get Revolights Eclipse+ up and running.

Delivery and Shipping Information

We ship Revolights worldwide. Domestic shipping rates are displayed at checkout, for international shipping please contact us for a quote. Eclipse+ is currently on pre-order and is set to be delivered in the course of November 2016.

MAP Policy

Eclipse is subject to our European and U.S. MAP policies, where the retail price at which Eclipse+ is offered to consumers must not be lower than €279 including VAT (in the EU - or the respective equivalent in other currencies) or $249 in the U.S.


Revolights comes with a limited 1-year warranty on the bike lighting system itself. Any consumables (e.g. batteries, magnets, etc.) included in the original product come with 90 days of free replacement in case of a defect. The warranty's effective date starts with purchase by the consumer.